Permafrost degradation impacts on soils, human societies, water resources and carbon cycle

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The PRISMARCTYC was selected as part of the Belmont Forum’s call “Towards Sustainability of Soils and Groundwater for Society (Soils 2020)”.

Project Objective: The project aims to understand the hydrological, geochemical, geomorphological, microbiological, and socio-economic impacts of permafrost thaw to soils and surface/groundwaters in the Arctic and Subarctic, and their sustainability in the changing climate.

The study will focus on the near-surface permafrost-hydro system continuum in small watersheds where localized and rapid thermokarst occurrences remain under studied.

The Belmont Forum launched in 2019 of a collaborative research call on the theme: Towards Sustainability of Soils and Groundwater for Society.

Call Objective: The goal of this CRA is to produce the necessary knowledge and propose solutions to maintain well-functioning soils and groundwater systems in the Critical Zone1, or rehabilitate them where degraded.

Photo by Will Suckow; Copyright © 2016 Regents of the University of California. Used by permission.