Permafrost characteristics and degradation resulting from natural and anthropogenic disturbances

WP1 seeks to address critical knowledge gaps regarding the permafrost state, structure and loss rate.

T1.1: Analysis of spatio-temporal distribution of thermokarst subsidence after surface disturbances
T1.2: Identifying influence of surface disturbances on permafrost soil development
T1.3: Identifying key climatic and anthropogenic factors favoring thermokarst initiation
T1.4: Estimation of carbon stock in the vulnerable permafrost layer

Co-leaders: Go Iwahana (UAF), Aleksei Lupachev (IBPC)
Participants: T1.1: Masato Furuya, Kazuki Yanagiya (Hokkaido Univ.); T1.2: Go Iwahana (UAF); T1.3: Antoine Séjourné (GEOPS), François Costard (GEOPS); T1.4: Aleksei Lupachev (IBPC), Andrey Shepelev (Melnikov Perm Institute), Nic Jelinski (UM)