Impact of permafrost thaw on groundwater and surface water composition. Transfers of particulate organic, dissolved inorganic and organic elements

WP2 seeks to understand how permafrost degradation affects groundwater and surface water pathways and the origin, composition and lability of organic matter released to surface and groundwater.

T2.1 Impact of permafrost thaw on surface and groundwater connectivity and soil erosion/weathering
T2.2 Origin and fate of organic matter released from thawing permafrost to aquatic ecosystems
T2.3 Seasonality of DOC and POC export/transfer in the context of thawing permafrost

Co-leaders: Nikita Tananaev (Melnikov Perm Institute), Laure Gandois (EcoLab)
Participants: T2.1: Christelle Marlin (GEOPS), Antoine Séjourné (GEOPS); T2.2: Laure Gandois (EcoLab), Nikita Tananaev (MPI), Frédéric Bouchard (GEOPS); T2.3: Nikita Tananaev (MPI), Laure Gandois (EcoLab), Roman Teisserenc (EcoLab)