Characterization of microbial processes controlling the magnitude, speed and seasonal dynamics of greenhouse gas emissions from permafrost ecosystems

The main objective of WP3 is to better understand the microbial processes leading the production and mitigation of GHG and to relate MC structure and function with gas fluxes and C sources and ages.

T3.1 Stocks and fluxes of GHG in the active layer and shallow permafrost
T3.2 Production and emission of GHG from aquatic systems: physicochemical factors
T3.3 Characterization of microbial (bacteria and archaea) community structure and function

Co-leaders: Frédéric Bouchard (GEOPS), Maialen Barret (EcoLab)
Participants: T3.1: Maria Cherbunina (Moscow State Univ.), Liudmila Krivenok and Vladimir Kazantsev (IAP); T3.2: Frédéric Bouchard (GEOPS), Lea Cabrol (MIO-IRD), Frédéric Thalasso (University of Magallanes); T3.3: Maialen Barret (EcoLab), Urania Christaki (LOG), Kostantinos Kostantinidis (GATECH), Ludwig Jardillier (ESE)