Communication and Education toward Arctic communities

The objectives of this WP is to support the teaching of climate changes in the Arctic and to develop outreach activities about the Arctic

T6.1 Education of climate change and permafrost degradation issues in the Arctic
T6.2 Outreach activities with children
T6.3 Communication toward local communities of the impacts of permafrost degradation
T6.4 Indigenous knowledge of the evolution of environment in Yakutia

Co-leaders: Lydie Lescarmontier (OCE), Antoine Séjourné (GEOPS)
Participants: T6.1: Lydie Lescarmontier et David Wilgenbus (OCE), Galina Burtseva (School, Syrdakh); T6.2: Antoine Séjourné (GEOPS), Frédéric Bouchard (GEOPS); T6.3: Nikita Tananaev (MPI), Dmitrieva Valentina (EYGE); T6.4: Alexandra Lavrillier (CEARC), Galina Burtseva (School, Syrdakh), Anna Andreeva (School, Bestyakh)